Monday, February 14, 2011

What made me love Leroy

I was first attracted by his beautiful smile made all the more appealing by his outgoing friendliness… not to mention his perfect teeth

Next his seeming un-self-conscious, fun loving, get things going nature with regard to social events of which he was more likely than not, the initiator.

It was wonderful to hear his singing voice and virtuosity in playing guitar and then…to be drawn into participation with him in this was amazing.

I loved that he had a vision for his life and a plan for it’s unfolding. This gave me the confidence to link my future to his.

Leroy will most certainly do what he believes to be right.

Had I not the sense that he intended to follow Jesus wherever He led….Had I not the sense that he loved me and put me second….those would have been the deal breakers.

They were not….


paige said...

They were not. Love this - thank you for posting it momma...
xo - p

Stephanie said...

What a sweet post!

mamazee said...

Love this mama! Beautiful post :)