Sunday, April 18, 2010

Man looketh on the outward appearance

Charter was reading to me while I was there this week, the story of Isaac and Rebecca. I thought it might be a teachable moment on the concept of what to look for in a prospective wife. Never too early...haha.... Anyhow, When he came to the part about the servant praying, "If I ask for water and she gives it to me and offers to water my camels too....let that be the girl..." I questioned Charter, "Do you think that was a good way for the servant to choose a girl?" Of course, I was thinking that by his method he was learning whether the girl was kind, hard working, generous....etc. Blank I said, why do you think he asked for *THAT* sign and not just (for example) "Let it be the first girl in a blue dress.?" Without hesitation Charter stated, "She might be ugly." Well I guess that pretty well sums up the notion I was out to correct. Maybe I was a bit premature......or maybe a bit too late...but I hope not...

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